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Outdoor activities

Cycle touring sounds a bit gentler.

Enjoy a relaxed tour following the tracks of the old Walser tribes. There are still the extreme downhill sections around the Adler, of course. Just to make sure you still get your adrenaline fix!

Mountain bike in the mountains

The perfect starting point

The Adler and the surrounding Arlberg region make the perfect starting point for mountain biking.

It’s certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. Panting your way up into the mountains on your old boneshaker and then suicidally hurtling down again is enough to make a lot of people shake their head in disbelief.

But the enthusiasm that mountain biking generates

among aficionados of both sexes and all ages is written on their faces. Or is it just mud from the last big puddle?
Our hotelier, himself a keen biker, knows all the best routes and is ready with a plethora of tips for wild fellers as well as for those preferring a slightly gentler ride.

A couple of important tips for all bikers

Even here there are a couple of paths sporting no entry signs. In some cases the landowners simply don’t want mountain bikers on their land. In other cases it is purely a liability issue.
Please keep to the marked tracks; refrain from terrorising walkers; don’t brake so suddenly that you leave screech marks in the gravel; and on grazing land close all gates and fences behind you.
Then you can be sure of a biker’s welcome pretty well everywhere. ;-)

Full details of touring suggestions from the hotel are to be found on the interactive map.

Schröcken-Auenfeld-Hochtannberg pass

Around the Karhorn

Schröcken Tannberg circuit

Lech bike park

Vorarlberg's very first official bike route "The Burgwald Trail"

The trail beside the Lech-Oberlech cable car was designed to appeal to beginners as well as experienced mountain bikers. Compared with other bike circuits the length and difference in altitude may initially seem unimpressive. However, this route is a selective and challenging one. For more athletic riders the circuit incorporates certain elements where they can prove their ability, whilst beginners can ride past on the "Easy Line" alternative.

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